Set drinks hot and cold

Sets made of enameled brass,


Available in several colors & size : *
Color: *

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It can be used in hot and cold beverages, which is suitable for use and does not change color. It is made up of 6 cups, a tray and a jug design  with a engraved. It contains several colors for the same copper (copper-silver-bronze) and is decorated with other colors such as red, green, Black, purple, pearl, cream and maroon as shown in pictures available in many sizes, sizes and shapes.

large size

L:28 cm H:28 cm 

Weight: From 0,900 Kg To 1,100 Kg 

small size

L: 22 cm H:22 cm 


From 0,750 Kg To 0,900 Kg

enameled brass,
Circular shapes