vases made of Misketa material


A limited quantity of vases made of Misketa material with precious stones . Available in different sizes.


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The  the Misketa is characterized by the opacity of its ore and its many colors, especially the yellow and its degrees, and there is no transparent ... or "Butterscotch Amber Bakelite" 

Misketa .. or as called by foreigners Misketa .. is a material made of modern glues and falls under the umbrella of Amberweet Amberoid or Amberweet .. This umbrella, which included everything similar to amber in terms of color and smell.

Sometimes the glues of some trees in this article may enter as catalysts or as a basis for their manufacture after being chemically processed and augmented with additions to certain types of plastics. material with precious stones and silver.

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Misketa material with precious stones